Apple Varieties
Apple Varieties Apple Varieties
Apple Varieties Apple Varieties

There are over 7,500 apple varieties in the world. Washington State is known globally for producing an outstanding apple crop enjoyed by families around the world. In fact, almost 100 countries import fresh apples from Tree Top’s growers. We are fortunate to have access to this great fruit supply from which we create fresh pressed juices, apple sauce, concentrates, diced, sliced, pureed, and dried fruit products.

Below are just a few of the key apple varieties used in Tree Top’s delicious fruit products. For additional information on apples and varieties please visit or

Ambrosia Apple Variety


Mild sweetness comparable to Golden Delicious, but with a subtle pear essence - great for fresh eating, baking and juicing. Slow to oxidize, or brown, a great choice for salads & fruit platters.


High impact tart, sweet flavor;
cooks well and is a great snack.
(October to June)


Nutty with sweet undertones and a tender skin that snaps cleanly to the bite - excellent for fresh eating, salads, pies and baking; good for freezing. (October to July)


Spicy sweet, intense flavor - a tasty snack
or in desserts and savory sides.
Available year round.


Crisp, sweet and a star at the salad bar.
(September to April)

Golden Delicious

Sweet, mellow flavor with tender skin
and firm flesh - tops for all desserts.
Available year round.

Granny Smith

Tangy tart flavor and firm texture.
Great for pies, in salads and out of hand.
Available year round.


Orange-tinted, juicy and sweet apple is great for eating fresh, cooking and makes a delicious pie.


Appealing sweet flavor and rich
texture - excellent for tarts and crisps.
(October to May)

Pacific Rose

A mostly sweet apple with very little tartness - clean, refreshingly sweet flavor makes it excellent for eating fresh and a perfect dessert apple.

Pink Lady®

Tart, sweet and crisp.
(October to July)

Red Delicious

World's favorite snacking apple - sweet,
juicy and crisp - also great for salads.
Available year round.


Sweet and slightly juicy - best when
baked, as flavor grows with heat.