Get Going With 100% Pure Fruit

We make our Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches with 100% pure, delicious fruit. Enjoy them out in the garden and everywhere you go.

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Make a Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Make these simple bird feeders to teach your kids about the environment and bring birds flocking.

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5 Plants With Cool Kid Appeal

From "tickle-me" plants to peanuts, try growing these kid favorites to pique their interest and curiosity.

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Press Flowers With Your Kids

Pick plants and wildflowers from your own backyard, then create beautiful herbariums to learn from your discoveries.

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Plan Your First Garden Together

Get your kids excited about growing pure, delicious foods. Gather inspiration, brainstorm and draw a plan together.

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Dye Your Eggs Naturally

Use fruits, veggies, tea and more to dye your eggs naturally. Stripe them with rubber bands or decorate them with pressed flowers.

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Throw A Garden Birthday Party

From invitations and decorations to planting activities and games, check out these ideas for a fun and memorable garden birthday party.

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